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peace and goodwill

one day at a time

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hopefully, a little bit more peace
Evangelize Peace is a public community created to share a few neutral and non-personal ways to bring more peace - more freedom from anxiety and unrest - into people's lives.
This community is based off of the theory that if even one person experiences more peace in her or his daily life, there will be just that much more peace in the world. Even the tiniest bit of peace and effort helps and counts. Wouldn't it be nice if more people could experience more peace in their daily lives?

EP was inspired by (and is affiliated with) Spread Cranes for Peace project. Please check it out and get inspired, too. (Click the crane to your right.)

Posts are set up by me because of the research that goes into them and the linking codes, but if you have anything to share with me about how you are finding peace in your everyday life, please send a message to me and I will research it and post it (and will thank you profusely for your contribution)!

PS - This community is not affiliated with any one single religion and everyone (religious or not, or whatever you are) is welcome.

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