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peace and goodwill
one day at a time
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23rd-Jan-2008 11:10 am - The Good News: Peace for Today
The following is a message cumulating research on the effects of "happy news" on a person's brain (and is relevant to peace by drawing the conclusion that more happiness makes for a more peaceful day and/or person).

And this is a happy monkey.

The idea is inspired by Matthieu Ricard, kinda. Find out more about Ricard, scientifically known as the happiest man in the world.Collapse )

Many psychologists and others working towards mental health will ask people to stay away from the news for a week to see if it makes them feel better. Usually the news reports mostly on what's going on that's bad in the world. The popularity of websites like I Can Has Cheezburger? and Cute Overload are due to work-hour (mostly, lunch-break-hour) visitors who say seeing something funny and fuzzy in the middle of the day makes them think the world isn't such a crappy place after all; it cheers their spirits.

Maybe giving up the news altogether would be out of the question for some people - so here's to spreading a little good news going on around the world, too.

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

A livejournal community, happy_news, picked up on the idea of happier news, also. Although they only update as often as people post good stories, it's still probably worth it to read back a couple pages if you're hungry to hear good stuff going on in the world.

A slew Mother Teresa quotes, which are pro-peace and involve people's daily lives. @WikiQuote and @BrainyQuote.

Even a little bit of good news (or cats with funny captions) can have a positive effect on a person.

Thank you for reading.

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21st-Jan-2008 02:51 pm - Peace Treaty of the Valley of Silence
First Part
Abram Ryan referred to walking "down the valley of silence" (which is where this short article got its title). A long-known technique for picking up some peace in one's day is to take 5-15 minutes to sit and be silent and still. No TV, no music, no news, just try and quiet one's mind and make still one's body. I think you'd be surprised at the difference this can make in your daily life.

The personal benefits that a few minutes of silence can add to one's life is irreplaceable.

I'm not suggesting meditating or counting or breathing exercises or anything, just take some time out to sit and be still. Try to quiet your racing mind and heart, maybe look out a window or sit in the dark or something relaxing and still - that is simply just sitting. It may help your blood pressure, too. (You may have to tell your family what you are doing so they know not to disturb you for a while, if they are inclined to help.)

Personally, I've have some pretty great ideas pop into my head during these little quiet times (although, admittedly, I don't get one in every day).

That's the easy (and most important) part of this proposed "peace treaty."

Second Part
The second part of the treaty is to be quiet - that is, to not complain (at least as much).Collapse )

If you can't or don't want to, then the first part of this "treaty" - taking a moment out for some down time - is a great start towards peace, too. It can be a monumental leap. Downtime, quiet time, is very important for people to have in their day.

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18th-Jan-2008 05:53 pm - A Peace Aid: Benadryl
Benadryl* is the trade name for Diphenhydramine, a safe, common, over-the-counter, inexpensive antihistamine. It is commonly advertised to treat allergies, however it offers many other benefits. It is commonly used in households to treat the following, in addition to allergies:

· Insomnia If taken ~15-20 minutes before laying down to go to sleep, it aids greatly in both going to sleep and getting a sound, restful sleep, without making the user overly-groggy (like with prescription sleep aids)

· Anxiety/Depression/Fluctuations in Mood A compound in Diphenhydramine is isolated and strengthened to make the prescription drug Prozac. It is less intense in Diphenhydramine-form but still provides benefit to the user.
Due to the drowsiness side-effect, it is often recommended that a half dose (usually one tablet; two tablets being a full dose) be taken during the day, and most of the time, the user does not feel drowsy.

Louisiana state prison medical ward has access to whichever sort of prescription drugs they want, but they choose over-the-counter Diphenhydramine to aid with insomnia and bouts of depression in their patients.

Diphenhydramine is often used in self-medication and as a household remedy because it:

· Has no long-term harm to the body, even when taken daily
· Does not cause dependency (also, has no withdrawal symptoms)
· Doesn't seem to build up tolerance
· is inexpensive, commonly found, and highly effective

Personal testimony
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To read more about Diphenhydramine, check out its wikipedia article.

To read more about self-diagnosis and medication, check this article.

Please, read all warning labels (and follow them) if you are thinking about taking anything. Do not consume with alcohol. Do not take if you have a heart problem. May impair your ability to drive, depending on the dose you're on and your body's sensitivity to it.
You are responsible for your own health and safety. Take good care of it - don't harm yourself or others by doing something stupid.
Always read and obey warning labels.

*it's called "Benadryl" in Canada and the United States; elsewhere, it's known as Dimedrol; however, it can also be called by its generic drug name, Diphenhydramine, and it is the same product

Did Diphenhydramine help you? Spread the word by linking back to this article somewhere on your site, or to Diphenhydramine's wiki entry, or to your own personal account. Spread the word of things that help you in case they can help other people, too. Get pre-made text link codesCollapse )
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